Mufti Muhammad Akmal Sahb (Tarbiyat e Olaad part 2)

Mufti Muhammad Akmal Sahb (Tarbiyat e Olaad part 2)
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Allah the Almighty has blessed the humanity with such personalities who have dedicated their lives to guide the mankind to the straight path which they had forgotten. All the Prophets of Allah had performed the same duty of guiding the humanity to the way of salvation. Our Beloved Prophet ﷺ is the last and final messenger of Allah and after him this noble task has been assigned to the Scholars/Ulama of this Ummah. Beloved Prophet ﷺ declared the scholars as his heirs and the heirs of all Messengers. Among these intellectual heirs of Rasool Ullah ﷺ is the name of a great personality who almost created a revolution in the society by his books, speeches and Tv programmes, the great scholar and cleric of the present era, Ustaz ul Ulama Allama Mufti Muhammad Akmal Madani.

Currently Mufti Muhammad Akmal Sahab is serving the religion as the director of Al Furqan Scholars Academy, Karachi. Beside this he is imparting Islamic Knowledge through his Books and Tv Programmes.

May Allah preserve him and give barakah in his knowledge, deeds, actions, health and leadership.

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