10 Tips to Bring Barakah in Your Life And Wealth

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The general meaning of the word Barakah is “increase or productivity” in something. It could be in terms of betterment or easiness in someone`s living matters, or could also be taken in the context of enhancement in prosperity. This boost is not something one time rise in something, rather it could be achieving supplementary with […]

Importance of Dawah (Preaching) In Islam

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The word Da`wah generally means “Calling people towards Allah and His instructions”. The practitioner of preaching is known as Da`i. This act is commonly thought of being limited to religious matters only like Oneness of God, reading the Holy Quran in Arabic, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) being the last Prophet, believing in prophets and day of […]

How To Gain Salvation & Recover from a State of Annihilation

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According to the Islamic conviction, a man is born without any sins, for God`s creation is pure and without any spoil. We Muslims know that Allah SWT has given Satan freedom till the Day of Judgment so that there can be distinction among true believers and ignorant ones. Although every individual has goodness in itself […]