About Us

About Us

Online Quran Academy Provides online Islamic and Quranic Teachings to the Muslim students across the world.

As a leading Online Quran academy we offer very superior class online Quran teaching to every student. Our Quran teaching includes the courses in which students are taught how to learn the Quran. The learning consists of the following steps

  • How to Read Quran
  • Learn Quran with Tajweed
  • Learn Quran Word by word
  • Memorization of Quran
  • Islamic Duas

We are renowned for providing the quality education with a team of certified teachers and scholars. We offer classes for the students of all age groups.

By the Grace of Allah Subhan wa Tala, students across the globe are benefiting from our services and enjoying the opportunity to learn Quran online. We have hundreds of satisfied students, which is because of our performance and credibility.

Why Us

  1. 1
    Multi Lingual Staff

    We are aiming to spread Quran education to every corner of the world so for this purpose our Online Quran Teachers can speak Urdu, English and Arabic

  2. 2
    24 / 7 / 365 customer service

    we are providing 24 hour service to our students so that students can adjust their tutorial timings according to their availability, ease and comfort.

  3. 3
    Friendly Environment of learning

    With our hard work and devotion, we have been successful in creating a very friendly learning environment for every student including male, female and kids.

  4. 4
    On Interest class timings as per your needs

    As the classes are available for 24 hours, you can therefore select any specific time for your class as per your needs and convenience. We offer high flexibility in timing.

  5. 5
    Home learning

    We offer home learning facility to the students so that they can sit comfortably at their home and learn Holy Quran, even if they are residing in a place where there are no such learning resources.

  6. 6
    Certified and well Trained Male / Female Tutors

    Our tutors are expert and highly qualified so that our students get a high quality Quranic education

  7. 7
    1 to 1 Teaching for all students

    We give individual attention to every student either kid or adult for delivering the best education.

  8. 8
    Free Trial classes

    We offer free trial classes to the students to let them make a wise decision about us

  9. 9
    Teaching Methodology

    Our Online Quran Teachers are experienced and they are also trained to cater all types of students. They have full command over their recitation and rectify mistakes in recitation.

  10. 10
    Personal Skills

    We are very much concerned about satisfaction of students so we scrutinize teachers while hiring on the basis of dedication, punctuality and competency.

Our Approach

Our approach is focused and dynamic. We use a number of methods to provide you with an effective, fast and reliable Qur’an reading program. Our program approach focuses on the following:

  • Students learn at different speeds, some students require much greater support and/or time in completing tasks. Hence, our dedicated tutors accommodate their teaching styles according to the students learning.
  • Our well trained tutors use different Interactions to match different Purposes and Outcomes. Such as; informing, describing, explaining, demonstrating, listening and questioning.
  • We use established but varying routines to make the Islamic teaching interesting yet knowledgeable.
  • Effective teaching involves effective organization and management. Our on-site management staff is responsible to fully look after this aspect.

How we do it

Anybody who has internet and computer can learn with us. We will walk you through how to download simple Gotomeeting program for interactive live Quran Reading session with live Quran teacher. Quran Reading program is for both the young and the old alike, anyone from age 4 to 75 can benefit from our live Quran tutoring program. We also invite you to take free trial and become one of thousands of family that are pleased with our services. We have a small monthly fee.

We use Skype software (for voice conversation) and Gotomeeting software (for screen sharing) which links the student and the teacher for voice conversation. With help of these software’s, they talk to each other just like a telephone conversation but through computer and a screen which makes them enable to see the same lesson on their computer screen. Teacher can highlight letters and words of Qur’anic Script to enhance the understanding of the student.

Free Gotomeeting software will be provided to you as soon as you register with us. We will send to you information and guide you to make a setup and start classes immediately. After completion of registration and software installation process, you will be tailored with a well-versed Quran tutor for one-to-one live interactive classes.


We at onlinequranacademy.co being the first of its kind service provider; letting people have opportunity to read and learn Qur’an over the internet with simple and easy methods. It is successfully working since 2005 and has gained large popularity among masses, especially those residing in non-Muslim states.

Our Quran Tutors are:
  • Hafiz-e-Quran.
  • Well aware with the rules of Recitation.
  • Have in-depth knowledge of Tajweed and Tarteel.
  • Trained from educational organizations.
Why Register With Us?
  • Simply because we are “The best” among the rest!
  • It works with you and your budget.
  • In most cases we can provide time of your own choice

What They Are Saying

Looking for Quran Basic-Qaida Basic Quran Reading Basic Arabic Grammar Memorization Tajweed Course Translation & Tafseer Hadith Quran Recitation Course?

Adjustable Timings

Quran learning can easily be adjusted according to their daily Routine without any hassle.

Progress Reports

Get Monthly lesson reports and Attendance report to check the progress and improvements of your kids.

Secure Payment

We own Secure, smooth and safe procedure of fee through Our User Panel with money back guarantee.

Budget Friendly

We charge less then others and provide high quality services as according to international standard.